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tekkAudio has a commitment to producing the highest quality in technical audio.  We pride ourselves on attention to detail and work hard to deliver the very best we can, every time. We take a reactive approach to our work, offering collaboration and flexibility to adapt to your project and its needs. 

tekkAudio was founded by Adam Rowley. Adam has over a decade of experience in game audio and has worked across multiple platforms. He is always pushing to develop his creativity and expertise and his work has kept him at the forefront of new tools and technologies.

He spent 5 years working as an in house sound designer for Sony and has also provided audio to publishers such as Sega, Ubisoft and Disney.  His work has seen him record hundreds of vehicles across Europe for Driveclub, Split/Second, Driver: San Fransisco and the Motorstorm series.  He has also worked on countless trailers for games such as Until Dawn, God of War, Uncharted and Resistance. 

Adam also produces music under the name Afternaut, focusing on atmospheric electronic sound manipulations often involving Eurorack modular. Afternaut started as a personal project but quickly grew into something much larger, with multiple releases and live shows.


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