We provide a wide range of audio services, please see below for some examples.  We also work on bespoke projects so if you have needs that are not listed below, please get in touch.


Sound Design

We create customised, original sound effects to fit your project.  This could be anything from a handful of assets to help raise the quality of your app, to delivering a high quality audio experience for your next game.


We have experience with a range of tools that can help with the implementation process for game audio.  We have used middleware systems such as FMOD and WWISE and have extensive experience working closely with developer's own tools.

Animation / Cutscenes

We don't just do audio for interactive media, we also work on sound for linear video.  Whether you have cutscenes that need track laying or your film needs that extra bit of polish, we can help.

Trailers / Adverts

We've worked on hundreds of trailers and adverts and we know how to deliver attention grabbing audio.  If you want to raise the quality of your videos to sell your project, please get in touch.


Logo audio design

We can produce original audio to give your logo ident its own sonic identity.


We can provide bespoke foley for your game, animation, radio play or theatre production.

Location recording

We have a lot of experience with recording various types of audio in many kinds of locations.  We can join you on your video shoots to record dialogue, provide a vehicle recording service or even work with you on your entire film.

Dialogue Editing

We provide a dialogue editing service to trim, process and label your audio.


Stereo and 5.1 Surround Mixing

We can help with mixing audio for stereo and surround setups.


The very last step in lifting the quality of audio.  We can make sure your existing audio fits broadcast standards for disc and online.

Sound Restoration and Audio Enhancement

If you have some poorly recorded audio that needs rescuing or cleaning, we have the tools and skills for the job.